What you'll learn?


Basic Networking Concept

    1. definition

            -Necessity of Network

            -How does it works

-Prerequisites of network setting

MAC Address

            -What is MAC Address?

            -Where does it Work?

            -Importance of MAC

Type of data

            -Text Data

-Voice Data

-Image Data

Type of cast

-Unicast, Multicast, Broadcast, Unicast

         Class 2

Network Device

                        -Function of Hub Bridge

            -Function of Switch,

            -Function of Router,

            -Function of Repeater

            -Function of NIC Card

Class 3

                       OSI Layer Model

                                    -Application Layer

                                    -Presentation Layer

                                    -Season Layer

                                    -Transport Layer

                                    -Network Layer

                                    -Data link Layer

                                    -Physical Layer


Class 4

Network Model

-LAN Network

-MAN Network

-WAN Network


Network Topologies

-Bus Topology

-Star Topology

-Ring Topology

-Mesh Topology

-Hybrid Topology

Class 5

Network Media

-Types of Device

-Types Cable

-Deferent types of Connectors

Class 6

Introduction to TCP/IP Network

-What is IP?

-IPv4 and IPv6

-What is Subnet Mask?

-IP Classes

-Decimal, Binary and Hexadecimal Number converting


Class 7



-Network and Hosts

-Public IP, Private IP.

-Practice of IPv4& IPv6

-What is Subneting

Class 8

IP addressing Subnetting

-Technic of Subnetting in Large Environment

-What is VLSM?

-Necessity of VLSM

-VLSM Practice


Class 9

Introduction to Cisco Packet Tracer

-Subneting Exam

                                    -VLSM Exam

Class 10

Cisco Packet Tracer -Basic Router Configuration

-DHCP Configuration

Class 11      Routing Concept

                              -Routing Protocols

                              -Default administrative Distance

            -IP Routing

-Default Routing

-Static Routing

Class 12

Dynamic Routing

            -Link State Routing

                        -Distance Vector Routing

-EIGRP Routing

Class 13

Dynamic Routing

                         -OSPF Routing


Class 14

Dynamic Routing

-BGP Routing

                                    -Exam routing protocol


Class 15


Switching Technology

-What is Broadcast Domain?

-What is Collision Domain?

-VLAN Technology

Class 16

Switching Technology

-Inter VLAN Communication

            -VTP Configuration


Class 17

Switching Technology

            -DTP Configuration

-STP Configuration


Class 18


Link Aggregation

-Ether Channel Configuration

-NTP Configuration








Class 19


Access Control list

-Standard ACL

-Extended ACL

             -Name and Number ACL

Class 20

NAT Technology

            -What is NAT?

            -Static NAT

            -Dynamic NAT

            -NAT overload (PAT)


Class 21


                        FHRP (First Hope Redundancy Protocol)

                                    -HSRP Configuration

                                    -VRRP Configuration

                                    -GLBP Configuration


Class 22


P2P Tunnel Configuration




Class 23



VPN Technology

                       -GRE Tunnel Configuration

            -Site to site VPN

            -Remote access VPN

Exam (LAB &Written)


About the instructor

Md.Nazam Uddin (sohel)

Core Networking and Server

Experienced as a Senior Network   Engineer with BSc in CSE, Diploma in CSE and  +5 years of experience.

Evaluate, monitor and enhance IT infrastructure with an emphasis on availability, reliability, scalability, Security, data confidentiality and system integrity. Focused & goal driven with strong work ethics and commitment to offer quality work. Also I am Vendor Certified, CCNP Enterprise, CCNA, MTCNA, MTCRE, MCP, MCSA, MCSE-2016, CSCU-2020



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