What you'll learn?


Introducing to cyber security and Ethical Hacking, Footprinting & System Hacking and Enumeration

Setup Hacking labs and platform , OWASP Vulnerabilities,Networking Scanning

 Web Server/ OS Hacking , Digital Forensic,IOT Hacking Practical

 Bug bounty platform introduction, Bangladesh Cyber Security Law ,100% Preparation For CEH Exam.

About the instructor

Asibul Hasan Asif

Cyber Security

Capable IT Security Engineer that possesses thorough knowledge and broad expertise in the security and technologyspaces. Adept atcommunicating with other engineers and clients in a clear and understandable manner.Able to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality in handling and protecting sensitive client information.Also I am Vendor Certified :- CEH, CHFI, PWD , Autopsy Digital Forensic , CNSS , PMEC , ICS , CEI.

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