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Course Content:-


????New CCNA Tropic :-

????New CCNA 200-301 Cisco Certified Associate.

????Network Fundamentals

????Network Access

????IP Connectivity

????IP Services

????Security Fundamentals

????Automation and Programmability

MikroTik এর Tropic

????Day 01:ip addressing, subnetting, VlSM.

Basic Configuration.

Networking Foundation.

WAN Configuration.

LAN Configuration.

Gateway Configuration.

DNS Configuration.

Private IP NAT Configuration.

Winbox Introduction.

????Day 02: Filtering Rules

Essential firewall filter Rules

Advance Firewall filter with post Number filtering rules.

????Day 03: Bandwidth Management

Simple Queues.

PCQ Based Queues.

Dedicate Control.

Shared bandwidth management.

Day Night package control Bandwidth managed.

????Day 04 : IP restriction, DHCP Server, User MRTG.

MAC restrict on IP.

MRTG create with real ip live Test.

Full Administrative User restrictions


Read Only User.

DHCP Server Configure and Live Test.

MAC restrict.

????Day 05: Tools Introduction monitoring and Backup-restore

Backup create and restore

Backup individual with CLI

Graph management

Bandwidth Test Tool

Scripting, Scheduler

????Day 06: Bridge,VLAN, NTP Server configuration, Bonding configuration

Port based Vlan

Guest wifi using vlan

Bridge mode configure

Bonding configuration

NTP Client (Time Server IP) Configure . live test.

VLAN Configure with individual (GGC,FNA, BDIX)

????Day 07: PPPoE server Configuration

PPPoE Server live test.

Bandwidth Distribution package based

Profile, User, Windows Dialer live test

Script based Configuration

Common Troubleshooting (Error Codes like, 691,691,678,720,629)

????Day 08: Routing Configuration

Static/ Specific routing


OSPF (Route Tuning)

BGP (NON Transitive)

BGP (Transitive)

????Day 09: Firewall and Log

Client’s browsing history (log) view.

Basic Firewall

Port monitoring

Advance Firewall


packet marking

High Bandwidth on certain host/IP

????Day 10: VPN

VPN Server

VPN client

Ethernet over IP (EOIP)

GRE Tunnel

IPIP Tunnel



VPN windows dialer to connect any PC with private IP of head office.

????Day 11: Load Blancing Configuration

Load balancing and failover with multiple gateway (2 WAN Links configuration).

????Day 12: Hotspot

Configuration Hotspot with Radius Server Authentication.

????Day 13: Proxy configuration

Web proxy

Parent Proxy

Web site Filter

Virus Port Block

IP lock / open

????Day 14: MikroTik WiFi Configuration Live test.

????Day 15: Layer7 protocol

YouTube, Facebook, website blocking live test.

????Day 16: Email configuration

Send Email your router Configuration properly live test.

????Day 17: Monitoring Network

Properly Monitoring Network traffic using

Traffic monitor Configuration.

????Day 18: Technical E-mail

professional E-Mail writing.

Subject based email writing

Upstream and downstream eamil formate writing.

????Day 19: Team management

Support team, Noc team, transmission team properly guidelines techniques.

????Day 20 : full projct show and Real device based exam.

????Day 21 : Interview preparation

Interview hidden techniques, dress code, looking, Eye contacting and Salary negotiation techniques.

About the instructor

Md.Nazam Uddin (sohel)

Core Networking and Server

Experienced as a Senior Network   Engineer with BSc in CSE, Diploma in CSE and  +5 years of experience.

Evaluate, monitor and enhance IT infrastructure with an emphasis on availability, reliability, scalability, Security, data confidentiality and system integrity. Focused & goal driven with strong work ethics and commitment to offer quality work. Also I am Vendor Certified, CCNP Enterprise, CCNA, MTCNA, MTCRE, MCP, MCSA, MCSE-2016, CSCU-2020



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